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Organic Argan Culinary oil, Cold-pressed, 500 ml

Argan oil from roasted almonds because of the hearty aroma and the nutty flavor

Argan oil, also known as “Morocco’s Liquid Gold”, is one of the most precious oils ever. It doesn’t just taste good, but is also extremely healthy. Its valuable contents make it stand out among many other oils, consisting of over 80% unsaturated fatty acids which are made up of approx. 35% linoleic acid, a double unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid which is considered to be one of the essential fatty acids. Argan oil has a very high concentration of tocopherols (vitamin E).

The cold-pressed argan oil: After roasting the almonds, argan oil is extracted gently with the help of a modern screw press.

Application: A precious delicacy to refine of salads, sauces, pasta, fish or meat. The oil gives a wonderfully nutty flavor.

Organic certification: DE-ÖKO-024

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