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Argan cosmetics oil 250 ml

Argan oil for the skin and hair

Argan oil is one of the most precious oils ever. Our argan oil is a healthy natural product for your body and mind thanks to its regenerative and vital properties. It differs from many other oils due to its valuable ingredients. It contains over 80% unsaturated fatty acids, of which about 35% linoleic acid, a double-unsaturated omega 6 fatty acid, which is one of the essential fatty acids. Argan oil has a very high concentration of tocopherols (vitamin E), whose antioxidant effect strengthens the immune system. It also contains a whole series of medicinal components, which have been shown in scientific studies. Argan oil protects the skin against premature skin aging and prevents premature wrinkling (anti-aging). Argan oil is generally moisturizing and revitalizing and shows very positive effects against dry and brittle hair as well as against brittle, cracked and dull nails.

CategoryOrganic Cosmetics
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